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I opened the carrying case and there in front of my eyes was a emblem I had seen before. An eagle on a globe with a swastika underneath (The official emblem of the Nazi Party and the German Third Reich). But what was this unusual machine housed inside the wooden case? Time for research and more research...

To my amazement I found this machine to be an antique and collectable Hamann Manus Mechanical Calculator. Naturally this presented a great deal of excitement in my life and I became most anxious to find out more about them. I continued to research the Hamann Manus on the web, but I found most sites were in German (which I do not read) and therefore came away not knowing a whole lot more about them.

Since that time I have contacted Mr. Herbert Schneemann (a man having devoted many years and hours of laborious research on mechanical calculators) concerning the Hamann Manus calculators and have just began to learn a bit more about them. My machine is serial number 9588 which would normally be in the model "D" or "E" range of serial numbers, however it has the mechanism of the "F" version. It is one of 3 known machines that fit into this category. Of course this leaves the date of manufacture in question. The model "F" was manufactured around 1948 while the "D" version could have a manufacturing date in the 1930's or early 40's.

There are some subtle deference in the model "F" and my Hamann Manus in the manner in which the base was cast. As I view it, they are both high quality sand castings, cast with the bottom up to expose the risers and cause an even flow of metal with no shrinkage, it also gives the top a very nice looking smooth surface upon which to further construct the machine. The "F" model has cut outs in the base - saving metal and providing hand holds, while mine has a solid base with no cut outs or lightening holes.

I acquired this mechanical calculator from my brother, Joe Hereford upon his passing in 1988. Joe was a craftsman and one of the best welders in the country. Upon completing a job for a couple who had moved here from Germany, they offered him this calculator in exchange for his work.

As he was unsure what he really had just traded for, he sent the owners manual (printed in German) for translation, however the translator was only able to complete a portion of the manual, claiming the German dialect had changed when it reviewed the technical aspects of the machine. (In reality it had not - I am working on a complete English translation now)

I am also acquiring better pictures of my calculator and carrying case in an effort to gain more information from those who are knowledgeable with these machines.

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There are some rather unusual conditions concerning this calculator.
  • The carrying case is further identified with a brand (burned into the wood) of a eagle and globe upon a swastika, the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the German Third Reich.  Mine is the only case I know of that has this particular "brand" on it. Would appreciate knowing if anyone else has a case like this... I will be posting a picture of mine very soon... (A contact link is at top of page)

  • Review of the patents from Germany concerning the Hamann Manus show this insignia (Logo) on several patents up to 1945, after which another emblem is disclosed.

  • The serial number is 2,146 numbers lower than the known start for model "F".

All of this raises the question of when was the actual date of manufacture? The data I have indicates a pre war date, while the actual mechanism indicates a post war date? Which is it? I have recently learned that the factory that built these machines was destroyed by Allied bombing campaigns during World War 2, meaning that there would not have been an inventory to use in later years... All of this data would indicate that my machine was built prior to world war 2...

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Right end-carraige extended
Front view Hamann Manus #9588
Left end
Picture of right end
Picture of front
Picture of left end
picture hamann manus carying case
Wood burnd image of Third Reich Logo
picture hamann manus
Picture of carying case
Third Reich Logo inside case-burned
Picture of front

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Manual for Hamann Manus pdf File   Herbert Schneemann

 Hamann Manus Manual Front Cover (Original) In Word Document 

Hamann Manus Manual In English - Word Document   Being translated into English



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Herbert Schneemann   The evidence of many years of hard work!

Rechenmaschinen - Illustrated     This is a top rated site containing all the latest  information!

Example Logo From German Patent Office In 1949 For Hamann Manus
Example Logo From German Patent Office In 1928 For Hamann Manus
Example Logo From German Patent Office In 1943 For Hamann Manus   (This is the logo shown on my case -

except a swastika is also seen )

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